5 Alternative UK Holidays

Spring is here bringing with it all the blossoms and the sunshine giving us all a euphoric feeling!  It’s the perfect time to be thinking about escaping the everyday routine. Where ever you’re traveling from be it Britain or from across the globe. Take a look at these 5 amazing must do British breaks:

1. Narrow Boat / Canal Barge

I’ve always had a fascination with The British Narrow Boat, an absolute must try, with various locations across Britain offering a variety of packages, enjoy the canals and the Great British countryside from a narrow boat, many of them are run by single owners or are small family run and are happy to you give you full support and training until you feel confident to be left on your own. If you’ve not done this before it also has a sense of adventure attached to it. Here are a few narrow boats that are offering these alternative UK holidays:




alternative uk holidays

image: houseboathotel.com


2. Castles

British Castles are scattered all around Britain, I’m thinking of all the brick work, off the beaten track locations and the intricately detailed feature with a very medieval feel making you jump in time to the medieval times! This could be ideal for a special birthday or hen night where you can dress up in medieval costumes to really feel like you have been taken back in time and are living a medieval life.





alternative UK holidays

image: thornburycastle.co.uk


3. Glamping

‘Glamorous Camping’, glamping is camping in style, with all the benefits of camping without losing any of the luxuries we’re used to. You can go Glamping in luxury tents, log cabins, camper vans, tree houses and the list is endless. Glamorous camping is taking the globe by storm and it’s no kept secret in Britain, with campsites across Britain offering pods, beehives, tree houses, campervan, luxury tents for hire to specially selected secluded locations for the perfect romantic break.

Follow the links to get your glamper adventure started:






alternative uk holidays

image: love-glamping.co.uk


4. Festivals

Floral and nature themes taking center stage whether it’s cute floral dresses, jewelery designs or flower tiara’s. If ever there was a time to dip into your holiday budget and treat yourself to a festival, this is the year, the year of flower tiara’s cute floral frocks and festivals.

Take a cheeky peak at these for inspiration:






5. Culinery Experience

If you love food and are inspired by little recipe cards and cookbooks which you keep picking up and stacking up in the kitchen cupboard never to see day light again! Combining your break with a cooking course, class or workshop is just what you need!! You may come back and find your old receipe cards and books resurfacing, your favorite dishes may finally find themselves served on your table or even at your’ very own dinner party’. Once you havve made the plunge you never know where your little culinary adventure will take you!

Heres what I found:





alternative uk holidays

image: lucknampark.co.uk