International Women’s Day – 8th March 2014

Touch screenInternational Women’s Day is a recognition of the past struggles and celebration of the achievements of women in economics, politics and social standing – in the past, present and most importantly to inspire the continuous efforts towards creating a better future for women everywhere.

The early 1900’s saw major oppression and inequality for women leading to them becoming more vocal and active in campaigning for change.

The American socialist party declared a national women’s day to be observed on 28th February 1909 across the United States of America.  This was then followed by Clara Zetkin’s (Leader of ‘The women’s office for the social democratic party of Germany’) vision of an International Women’s Day to be held on the same day in all the countries across the world to campaign for the demands of women. This was brought to the table at an annual women’s conference, which included women from numerous countries and varying backgrounds as well as members of unions and socialist parties.

The idea was received favourably and International Women’s Day was born! The first International Woman’s day was organised by Clara Zetkins (Founder of IWD) in 1911.

To celebrate this day many countries have declared IWD as a national holiday including Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Russia and Zambia.

Some countries now celebrate by giving gifts to the women in their lives – grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters and female friends. Predominately this day is celebrated to continue the work of improving the lives and rights of women across the world with events set up by many individuals, organisations and government agencies worldwide.

The United Nations set up a theme every year – 2014’s theme is ‘Equality for women is progress for all’.  Organisations can follow this theme or have a theme more appropriate to their locality, need or campaign.

The team at have chosen the theme ‘unsung efforts’ – To celebrate the little efforts of every woman who may have knowingly or unknowingly helped women in our communities, raising awareness of women’s issues and the importance of women. Everyday conversations with our children (girls and boys) and all the little efforts which go unnoticed will together make the world a better place for the women of future generations.

Thank you to everyone who knowing or unknowingly in there everyday life has made this world a better place for the women of this world.