Fruit Infused Water – The creative way to ‘hydrate’ your body

fruit infused waterWater is something we should all have embedded in our daily wellbeing ritual 365 days a year. Many of us seem to come out of hibernation in the spring, by summer time we suddenly turn into ‘water aficionados’. This is the time of the year I take my water vow, to drink more water…


Many of you will start your day at work with a refreshing glass of water (inspirational), where as I so desperately want to say I am starting my day with water today and have the full intention to do so – my body however, seems to be on auto pilot and has plans of its own. I walk into the kitchen and reach out for the mug, add a tea bag (secretly hoping no one is watching) I literally throw in a pot of sugar! Sinful, truly sinful!!! a crime against my being, seriously destructive. Like minded beings who’ve quite possibly had a very ‘fun’ sleep deprived weekend turn up and follow my lead, for a moment that makes me feel better (we should really start a Tea/Coffee/Sugar anonymous club). I return to my desk and so the daily caffeine/sugar yo yo cycle begins.

The Water Vow – As with every year, this year is no exception, the sun is out, and I’m buzzing with energy. Inspired by anything and everything that I can do or take part in, be it within (food I eat) or be it without (socializing or learning something new), it is in this peak of euphoria that I am once again thinking about how important drinking water is – and how I am going to draw out every ounce of willpower, motivation and focus to make sure I get my share of the many benefits of drinking water.

Benefits of Drinking Water

–          The skin will look and feel more radiant as water flushes away toxins

–          Increased energy levels

–          Helps the digestive system

–          Boost the immune system

–          Improved mood

All sorts of thoughts and ideas run through my mind and suddenly I come across Fruit Infused Water, with my creativity and energy at its peak, ‘what a fun way to start my water vow’!

Fruit Infused Water: Infusing water with fruit & herbs is a fun and easy way to stay hydrated. You will be supplying the body with water that is pure and full of flavour without added artificial colouring or preservatives. There is no more getting bored of the same plain water, you can be creative with your infusions and have different fruit/herb combinations to try every time you prepare a new batch or have a flavour of the week.

Here are a few of my favourite combinations:

Lemon, Cucumber & Mint (Simple & Refreshing)

Lime, Raspberries, Chia seeds

Blueberry, Grapefruit and Rosemary


I have chosen the Lemon, Cucumber and Mint to get you started as it simple and refreshing:

Step 1: Preparation:


Wooden Spoon

Fruit/Veg/Herbs (of your choice)

Step 2: Add the Fruit & Herbs to the Pitcher

Slice 1/3 cucumber, add to the Pitcher and gently Muddle (Bruise with a wooden spoon)

Slice 1 Lemon, add to the pitcher and muddle with a wooden spoon

Remove the stalk of the mint and add the mint to the pitcher

Step 3: Add Water

Add water

Leave to infuse – allow a minimum of 20 minutes

Step 4: Enjoy



Hints & Tips

Add Ice to make it more refreshing

Fruit can be re-used, to keep the freshness try not to re-use after two days.

For best results leave in the refrigerator overnight

It doesn’t stop here! You can use your favourite infusion recipes and make Ice Cubes (Make an Ice cube of each separate Fruit/Herb; Lemon, Strawberries & Rosemary add an ice cube of each to a glass of water and enjoy your pretty glass of infused water!  ………….. Soooo Cute!!!

Posted by: Summer Smith, 8 June 2015